A portrait from my imagination

This is another iPad piece, using the ArtRage app. I did it using mostly a pastel tool to get the effect of pastel on textured paper. I also used some painting tools and some pen and pencil tools. That’s one of the advantages of iPad art – you can mix mediums that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to mix in real life. I’m very much enjoying creating art on my iPad although there is still a bit of a feeling of something missing when I don’t end up with a piece of physical art to pin up and feel and stare at for a while. I also miss all of the smells of the various pigments and mediums. Art, for me, is as much a physical experience as it is a visual one. But, somehow I just keep coming back to the iPad because it is so tempting and convenient to be able to start a piece of art when I am out and about, stuck somewhere, waiting for someone, sitting in a waiting room, etc. Also, because it is just FUN!


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