I guess I wasn’t quite done with the theme of branches and leaves…actually may still not be quite done.  There’s something so graceful and peaceful about stark branches with just a few leaves.  When I was considering moving to the east coast from southern California I was warned against it by a friend who had moved here.  She talked about how depressing and gray it was in the winter time when all of the trees had dropped their leaves.  Fortunately, I did not let her warning deter me.  Winter is my favorite time of year, and I find that the leafless trees look like lace against the gray skies.

I want to share this technique (via Squidoo) for painting dark backgrounds in watercolor.  It creates a beautiful, soft, layered look in which all of the colors used are visible.  Instead of mixing your desired background color and painting it on in one layer, you see the blues, yellows, reds and all of the colors in between sort of shimmering and puddling in different areas of your paper, like lovely velvet or silk fabric.  I’m so glad I found this tutorial.

Take care of yourselves in this never-ending heat wave.  Keep your animals inside, refresh their water and give them ice cubes to play with.  Call on the elderly and any others who may not have family and friends to look after them.  We checked on a few of our friends this morning just to make sure they have A/C and power and food in the house.  Enjoy your weekend!

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