Busy being unproductive

So, life has been getting in the way of time for art lately.  I am currently battling strep throat…how the hell does one contract this unpleasant condition, anyway?  I know absolutely no one who has recently experienced it.  I guess I have just spontaneously generated it.  I have been completely uninspired with regards to painting, and feeling as though I have so much more to learn before I can begin to feel productive again.  While I await inspiration, here is a painting I did earlier this year.  Watercolor, 8×10.

4 thoughts on “Busy being unproductive

  1. Oh, strep throat. I’ve had that so, so many times! It’s definitely a bit unpleasant. This piece of art, however, is lovely. I know that I often used to feel uninspired about my art.. never knowing what to draw and all. These days though, I almost feel TOO inspired to do anything. I want to do everything at once, and sometimes it’s all too much to even start. Hmm. I may have to write something up on that…

    1. Thank you for your comment! The strep throat responded well to antibiotics but then came back again! It’s been a challenging summer. I would love to read anything you write about being “over” inspired!

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