Creepy Crawlies

When my god-daughter was about 3 years old she saw The Wizard of Oz (the original) for the first time.  It kind of traumatized her and entranced her all at the same time.  She couldn’t bear to watch it all the way through and would start covering her eyes around the time that Dorothy and The Scarecrow entered the forest of mean trees who threw apples at them.  She was out of the room yelling for her mom and I to turn it off by the time that the Wicked Witch appeared on the rooftop.  But, she kept coming back to it, day after day, until she eventually desensitized herself to it and lost both her fear and her interest.  I sort of have the same issue with insects.  I love them.  I’m obsessed and fascinated by them.  I think they’re beautiful and amazing.  But, they really sort of freak me out at the same time.  Moths and butterflies – no problem.  Snakes, lizards, any reptiles and amphibians – LOVE them.  Granted, they are not insects but they freak most people out.  We have two Mali Euromastyx lizards as pets.  Ants, beetles and spiders (oh god, the spiders, gaahhh) need to stay out of my house.  I’m still waiting for the desensitization to kick in.  So, I sketch them…

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