Hello, art world.  I have recently resurrected my art mojo after many years of life and work taking precedence over soul and spirit.  I jumped back into the art pool first by refreshing my art supply and materials stash, and then spending the next couple of months staring at my lovely pens, pencils, paints, etc. and not doing anything with any of it.  Eventually, I signed up for an adult-ed drawing class taught by Nancy Zamboni, a very talented and well-known local artist in central New Jersey, and that was the kick start that I needed.  I am now taking semi-private lessons with her and continuing to improve my drawing and painting skills.  I am also connecting with other local artists and art meet-up groups and refreshing my skills in various genres of art and media.  My preferred style is sort of abstract-ish and sometimes surrealist-ish.  I am comfortable working in realism, and I take a lot of classes in this area in order to improve my technical skill, but I prefer to work from the imagination.  I don’t like to title anything because I don’t want to influence anyone’s perception, reaction, view or whatever, of the piece.  I don’t want to define any image because I know from my own experience that my reaction to any piece of art may be very different from anyone else’s and I feel strongly that this is the essence of art and the privilege of the viewer.  For this reason, for now, my paintings are simply numbered, unless I have assigned a name to them as a result of someone requesting a specific piece.  I will be posting samples of my art in this blog and I welcome any and all comments, feedback and questions.  I look forward to connecting with other artists and art fans.

This piece is about 11×14 and is mixed media: india ink, technical ink pen and watercolor…exploring movement, energy and layers.

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