iPad Art

I’ve been playing more with iPad art making apps. The experience is not quite as satisfying as getting messy with real paint, but the up side is less mess to clean up if you don’t have a lot of time and are feeling the painting itch. I don’t have the luxury of an in-home studio so painting entails quite a lot of set up and clean up, and a significant and precarious temporary transformation of my dining room. It’s very inconvenient, but worth it. These two were done using the ArtRage app. The iPad apps allow me to play freely with color, shapes, composition, texture, and everything else that goes into making art, and I seem to experience less anxiety in my decisions and actions because “undoing” is so easy. I do not enjoy feeling anxious while making art, and I think the iPad experience is giving me practice at letting go of that nonsense. I’m hoping this will begin to transfer over to my real world painting eventually.


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