Late night painting

Sometimes I get a twitch and just have to paint, no matter the time of day.  This one came on late last night…actually in the wee hours of this morning.  I’m sometimes asked what inspired me to do a particular piece and I never really have a good answer for that.  Last night it was just a twitch.  I had to paint.  Simple as that.  Also, I look at a lot of nature photos and websites and I had seen a picture of blossoming trees somewhere and this image had been marinating, festering, and tickling at my brain for some time.  Last night’s twitch was related to this particular idea and it was just time to do it.   I wanted to do something that sort of looked like seeing an object through different lenses or through a kaleidoscope, resulting in parts of the object looking different than other parts.  This is nothing like what I set out to paint, as is typically the case, but I’m accustomed to that.

More often than not my painting spasms are a result of just feeling compelled to put paint on paper, with no idea or inspiration in mind beyond being drawn to play with the medium.  Sometimes I’m in a particular mood which might influence the colors I choose to work with.  If I’m in a cranky mood or stressed or bored, painting takes me completely out of the world and into my own universe and time flies by.

The vast majority of what I do is from imagination but I am working more from real life because I don’t like to.  I tend to believe that working outside of my comfort zone improves my technical skill as an artist.  I generally accomplish something very much resembling what I’m seeing, but I find it teeeeeeedious.  Working from real life forces me to slow down, pay attention to detail, understand what I’m looking at and account for things such as perspective, tone, value, shading, etc.  Working in the abstract is my self expression.  Working from real life is my training.  Either way, if I’m making art I’m happy.

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