Reading and thinking

I haven’t been making much art lately because I have been too busy reading about art.  I thought I would share some of what I’ve been reading because it’s been very interesting.  However, the down side to all of this fascinating reading is that I am a tad overwhelmed and also very aware that there is a lot that I do NOT know about art and therefore maybe I am far too ignorant of all of this important and fascinating stuff to presume to even attempt to make art because, compared to the artistic geniuses that I have been reading about, I am clearly a hack.


The Art of Seeing by Paul Zelanski and Mary Pat Fisher

Introduction to Design by Alan Pipes

The Meanings of Modern Art by John Russell

Techniques of the Great Masters of Art – Chartwell Books, Inc., multiple contributors


What the brain draws from: Art and Neuroscience, by Elizabeth Landau

The Artist as Neuroscientist, by Patrick Cavanagh

The Neuroscience of Art, by Mengfei Huang

Avant-Garde and Kitsch, by Clement Greenberg

Here also for your enjoyment (hopefully) is a wonderful drawing by Paul Klee called Two Men Meet, Each Supposing the Other to be of Higher Rank, which I think is hilarious and so relevant to life in the corporate world.

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